Image courtesy of Flickr user Video Volunteers (VV). CC BY-SA.

Welcome to the course website for WRIT 3257 Scientific and Technical Presentations!

A course for the University of Minnesota College of Liberal Art’s Department of Writing Studies, this class is catered toward those interested in refining their complex data presentation skills. The goal of this course is to provide a safe and productive learning space for participants to experiment with contemporary technologies, to ask tough questions of complex data, and to consider how to best use technology to present complex ideas to lay audiences.

Every person has expertise and knowledge to offer others. Working from this perspective, this course seeks to pool the collective knowledge of the participants in order to better understand contemporary technology, complex data, and audiences.

This course will also focus on presentation forms, including but not limited to: video, audio, infographics, narrative storytelling, and others.

–Trent M Kays, Instructor and Co-Learner